"Extension project habitat and increase the population of the species Fringilla polatzeki (Blue Chaffinch of Gran Canaria)" (2015–2020)

After-Life Period 2020-2025

Blue Chaffinch of Gran Canaria ((Fringilla polatzeki)

The species aim of the project is the blue finch of Gran Canaria currently (Fringilla polatzeki), listed in Annex I of the Birds Directive under consideration of "priority species". Besides, the area of action of the project is entirely located within the Natura 2000 network.

Corredores Ecologicos

The LIFE+PINZON project has as one of its main actions: "Running plantations necessary to operate ecological corridors assessed by the project LIFE07 NAT/E/000759."

Agradecimiento a los Propietarios

LIFE+PINZON would like to make a special mention of the landowners who are important for the Gran Canaria Blue Chaffinch, for selflessly authorizing us to plant on their plots located in the surroundings of the Gran Canaria Summit. To date, the private land where reforestation has been carried out or is to be carried out covers more than 35 hectares.